How It Works

How the SHOWER SOCK® Works?


The SHOWER SOCK® is simply a disposable sock with anti-bacterial and fragrance properties.

Think of it like a shower cap for your feet. Many gym goers use sandals (slops) when they finish their workout and make their way to the gym shower or change room. Being a public environment, there’s literally hundreds of people using these facilities on a daily basis, which exposes you to countless germs on the shower or change room floor.

Let’s face it, you may be attending a recognizable gym, golf club or sports facility which is cleaned on a daily basis, but the truth is that no facility, especially a public one, can be cleaned before every person uses the shower.

This exposes you to fungal infections like Athlete’s foot, Candida, warts and other nasty bacteria.

This is where the SHOWER SOCK® serves you!

It only takes a minute to put on a pair of the SHOWER SOCK® before entering the shower or change room.

Enjoy the shower with confidence because the anti-bacterial fabric which makes up the SHOWER SOCK®, reduces your risk from the germs swirling around the floor.

Once you’re done, remove the socks and dispose of them properly. (Or use them up to three times)

It’s that simple!



Anti-Bacterial Properties

The SHOWER SOCK® is treated with an antibacterial chemical containing SILVERPLUS which is well known as the Earth’s Antimicrobial

  • SILVERPLUS is the world’s leading silver ion technology for obtaining hygiene, protection & freshness in everyday life and under extreme conditions
  • With EPA-registered active ingredients
  • Complies with Oeko-Tex standard 100
  • Bluesign approved

Fragrance Properties

The SHOWER SOCK® is treated with microcapsule technology for bursting freshness and long-lastingness.

  • This technology allows for the microcapsules to attach itself to the fibers of the fabric and each time the fabric is disturbed, the fragrance is released.
  • Long lasting fragrance.
  • Not only does it leave the feet feeling fresh and smelling great, but also helps keep the facility and environment smelling good.

Moisturizing Properties

The SHOWER SOCK® is treated with a product containing Lanolin

  • Lanolin is a natural product that has been specifically purified but not been chemically after-treated
  • It is used in face creams owing to its moisturizing effect and is absorbed well and quickly by the skin
  • Lanolin also has excellent properties that accelerate the pace of healing