Moisturizing Properties

The SHOWER SOCK® is treated with a product containing Lanolin;

  • This provides a natural comfortable climate when wearing the textile and offers comfort of the highest degree using the combination of optimized textile softness and hydrophilic effect;
  • It complies with the most stringent standards of ecological textiles. Hence, it conforms to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.);
  • The Lanolin contained is a natural product that has been specifically purified but not been chemically after-treated;
  • Lanolin is obtained from the process of wool refinement after clipping. Owing to its excellent trans-epidermal and water retention properties on the skin, mankind has been using wool fat for centuries for both cosmetic and medicinal applications;
  • Lanolin is used in face creams owing to its moisturizing effect. It is absorbed well and quickly by the skin, and deposits itself in the intercellular cavities. Skin-relieving and skin-smoothing effect is achieved as a result of the characteristic of wool fat;
  • Lanolin has excellent properties that accelerate the pace of healing;