The Risks of Public and Communal Showers

Shower Floor Germs

Thousands of people visit the gym every morning and shower at the gym before starting their day.

  • Water isn’t the only thing that’s swirling down the drain, sweat and skin cells are also in the mix;
  • Along with all of that are various strains of mold, algae and fungi, that either grow in moist environments or are carried there on people’s bare feet;
  • You can also assume that outdoor contaminants are making their way onto the public shower floors;
  • Cut or cracked skin on your feet enhances the chances of pathogens causing various infections;
  • Although floors in public showers and locker rooms are usually cleaned with strong detergents to help eliminate germs, the fact of the matter is…The floor is only as clean as the last person who used it;
Wearing Slops in the Shower

Many people wear slops to a public or communal shower which is not a solution.

  • Over the years people have resorted to wearing shoes / slops when they shower at public facilities;
  • There was no other way to protect your feet from these harmful organisms that grow on the shower floors…but
  • Wearing slops in the shower can actually cause more problems – the slops are used over and over, which means that they are constantly getting wet. Often times not getting the chance to dry completely
  • This new, moist environment is another breeding ground for fungus and other germs that act as a risk to the health of your feet. Not to mention the hassle of carting these wet, damp shoes backwards and forwards;